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OPQS rider Zdenek Stybar suffered bad luck on Thursday, crashing at Kermiscross Ardooie (Belgium). The UCI World Cyclocross Champion returned to racing only recently after another crash in Ardooie, on the road at Eneco Tour.

Stybar underwent examinations following the crash. The X-rays underlined ligament ruptures as the result of a Grade 3 AC-joint dislocation on the right shoulder. Surgery to stabilize the AC-Joint, and repair the ruptured ligaments, was performed at the hospital of H.-Hartziekenhuis Roeselare in the late afternoon. The surgery performed by Doctor Alexander Ryckaert went good.

Stybar will leave the hospital tomorrow. More information about the time of recovery will be released on Wednesday, the 22nd of October, after medical control.

Text and photo source: OPQS


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WOW he has been through so much pain (mentally & physically) lately, he is the champion here even though he retires. One cannot imagine how strong this man is. 

I don’t think I am ever gonna watch this again, ‘tis too much on my poor fan soul (*sobbing*)

farewell andy is so hard to say

this man has been my biggest cycling-related influence and i cannot put in words how much he has taught and inspired me (i only cry a little atm)

(photo via peloton magazine, photo gallery here)


What happens when you are not expected to win Worlds…you don’t get a personal jersey for a while…

the emotions